Family Stories

Meet the Austins

 At JICS, you have the luxury of knowing your children are not only in an academically rigorous environment, but also one that is centered around faith and family. 

Meet the Hemingways

JICS provides a safe, Christian values driven environment for our children. We love the staff and their willingness to include us in the learning process. 

Meet the Insabellas

Some of the things we love most about JICS are the smaller class sizes, parent/teacher partnerships, community feel campus wide, the level of academics, and most importantly, the fact that Christ is at the center of everything.

Meet the Kuhnes

We love that JICS looks at your child as a whole and makes best choices for them. That they listen to parents and partner with them, rather than only going by check marks.

Meet the Justices

We love the community at JICS.  We don’t just drop our children off and then pick them up at the end of the day.  The school wants the entire family to be members of the school community.