JICS Stories


What do you love about JICS?

We love everything! Some of the things we love most about JICS are the smaller class sizes, parent/teacher partnerships, community feel campus wide, the level of academics, and most importantly, the fact that Christ is at the center of everything.

Why did you choose JICS for your child(ren)?

We were looking for another option (besides a daycare) for our children who were in Pre-K at the time. We took a tour and immediately felt something special and knew this was the place for our children. We loved all JICS had to offer and when the time came to stay or attend a standard public school, we knew without a doubt we were in the right place.

In what ways have you seen your child(ren) grow in their faith as a result of attending JICS?

It's been our greatest joy as parents to witness our children's faith grow the way it has while attending JICS. Their knowledge of the Bible has grown beyond what we could have wished for and the Christian principles that we instill at home are also being mirrored at school. JICS is our partner, not just in education, but in growing our children's Faith and guiding them on their walk with Christ.

What would you tell other parents to encourage them to consider JICS for their child(ren)?

AWe all want the best for our children, especially the opportunity for a good education. Giving them the best is showing them God and keeping Christ at the center of it all. At JICS, your children will receive an excellent education with the greatest gift of a Christ Centered environment. The teachers at our school are second to none! They genuinely love and care for these children, which far surpases the classroom. The level of academics here is like none we have seen elsewhere within our community. JICS is a Family. They are here to partner with you in guiding your children on their walk with Christ for the purpose of which they were created.

What is one word your family would use to describe your JICS experience?