• Middle School
  • 6th - 8th

Middle School Academics

6th - 8th Grade

Our Middle School is a tight knit group of students that learn to live in community and excel in their educational experience. We foster Middle School students for achieving academic, athletic, and artistic excellence with a focus on leadership and service. Core classes are comprised of Math, Science, English, History, and Bible. Enrichment opportunities include Art, Physical Education, Music, Sports Programs, Community Outreach, Battle of the Books, and more. 8th grade students can earn High School credits to prepare them for higher learning excellence.

Life Labs - Specific to Development during Middle School Years

Life Lab is a hands-on, service-driven program that equips students with the skill set and knowledge of life skills they will encounter outside of the classroom. From leadership to cooking and sewing to first-aid safety and mental health awareness, each unit is interactive, collaborative, and results in a service project for our community. It’s a way for students to begin to discover the gifts the Lord has given to them, all while cultivating problem solving skills and critical thinking. This is an integrated program which sharpens and gives meaning to mathematical, scientific, and language skills that are learned within the classroom. The moment students start to see a greater purpose for the use of the knowledge taught within the core subjects, the more they begin to advocate for their own learning. Life Lab has proven to be a highlight of the middle school experience.