JICS Stories


What do you love about JICS?

Jamie and I love that JICS provides a safe, Christian values driven learning environment for our children. We love the staff and their willingness to include us in the learning process. If we have questions, the staff is always willing to take the time to answer them and make sure we are all on the same page. We love the curriculum. It is Christ centered and really challenges our children to expand their minds and critical thinking.

Why did you choose JICS for your child(ren)?

We chose JICS because because of the affiliation with our church JICC, proximity to our home, and most importantly, the Christ centered mission of the school.

In what ways have you seen your child(ren) grow in their faith as a result of attending JICS?

Our oldest son just started attending JICS this winter, but we have noticed our youngest son asking more questions about God and explaining to Jamie and I the lessons he is learning in the Bible. Just in the few weeks our oldest has attended JICS, we have noticed a significant change as well. He came from the public school system and had a very hard time with bullying and disruption in the learning process. Since we made the switch, we have not had to worry about any of that. The first day I picked him up from school at JICS, he emphatically told me he had an awesome day. When I asked him why, he explained that it was really nice being able to sit in class and learn. It had been a long time since he was able to go into a class and have no disruptions and actually engage fully in the learning process. That was huge!

What would you tell other parents to encourage them to consider JICS for their child(ren)?

As unfortunate as it is, we cannot be with our children all the time. Therefore, we have to make a choice as to who we allow our children to learn and grow from. Our children will learn regardless of the input. So, when the world is teaching our children, we as parents need to put our children in the best position possible to learn the values we teach at home. There is no better place for that to happen than JICS. All the information, values, morales, ect. we have seen that is being put into our children 8 hours a day at JICS is the same as we put into our children at home. This brings my wife and I a lot of comfort knowing that the things we want poured into and spoken over are children are being poured into and spoken over them.

What is one word your family would use to describe your JICS experience?