JICS Stories


What do you love about JICS?

Everything. At JICS, you have the luxury of knowing your children are not only in an academically rigorous environment, but also one that is centered around faith and family. From top to bottom, it is clear that JICS approaches every situation with its foundation in the teachings of Christ as its guiding principle. Building on that foundation, things like character development, morals, and ethics becomes more than just buzzwords. They naturally become part of the teaching process not just in the classroom but in every aspect of the school.

Why did you choose JICS for your child(ren)?

Simply put, JICS teaches everything you would want your child to be taught.

What would you tell other parents to encourage them to consider JICS for their child(ren)?

When my husband and I were growing up in Charleston, there were far fewer school options than there are today, and, at least from my perspective as a child, I believed the handful of these schools to all have similar curriculums. As Charleston has grown over the years, naturally so have school options. Because of this, the schools, like all successful businesses, have different target markets to ensure their success. Before choosing a school, make sure you know what education you are buying: the curriculum, the culture, and the accreditation companies overseeing each prospective school. All of these should be vetted prior to making such an important and impactful decision for your family.

I would highly encourage every parent to just tour the school. It takes very little time, and if you’re like our family, it may possibly be one of your best blessings in life.

What is one word your family would use to describe your JICS experience?