Cindy Hunter

Layton Powers

Head of School
Dean of Students & Activities

Amber Wright

1st Grade Assistant

Ashley Miller

K2 Assistant

Anayelli Pascual

Lead Older Toddler Teacher

Sandy Martin

Student and Faculty Services

Leigh Ann White

Business Manager

Ms. Ashley Eckert

K5 Teacher

Bailie Sparks

Lead Younger Toddler Teacher

Belton Tisdale

K3 Assistant

Catherine Hamilton

2nd Grade Teacher

Jacqualyn Simmon

Lead K4 Teacher

Cynthia Tighe

Elementary Art Teacher

Joan Hilton

Middle School Social Studies & Bible Teacher

Dawn Dausman

Director of Admissions & Marketing

Heather Mesenbourg

Middle School Science Teacher

Joelyn Phillips

5th Grade Teacher

Katie Lewis

1st Grade Teacher

Kelsey Carnes

Younger Toddler Assistant

Megan Maralit

K2 Lead Teacher

Kristie Newell

Middle School Math & Bible Teacher

Meriah Oxford

Middle School English Teacher & Life Lab Coordinator

Lauren Crittenden

Middle School Art Teacher & Social Media

Mariah Johns

3rd Grade Teacher

Michelle Townsend

K4 - 8th Grade PE Teacher & Athletic Director

Mico Holmes

Director of Early Ed

Nadia Hernandez

Lead K3 Teacher

Ryann Renee

Lead K4 Teacher

Noel Shafer

Lead K3 Teacher

Shelby Savino

K5 Teacher

Rachel Leschorn

Lead K2 Teacher

Rebecca Bentz

Director of Student Records

Susan Neidhardt

4th Grade Teacher

Taylor Coulter

K2 Assistant