Administrative Staff

Cindy Hunter

Head of School

Layton Powers

Dean of Students 

Mico Holmes

Director of Early Education

Erik Shamblin

Business Manager

Alicia Gunst

Director of Admissions

Office Staff

Becky Bentz

Director of Records

Eliza Chastain

Program Manager

Janet Galus

Administrative Assistant 

Sandy Martin

Director of Family and Staff Services

Crystal Weakley

Finance Assistant

Teaching Staff

Christine Brown

Shelby Halpern

Taylor Coulter

Sienna Hebert

Erica McCanick

Ashley Miller

Rayne Ocasio

Anna Grace Weeks

Teya Bunney

Cleo Womack

Emily Pawson

Susie Schaffer

Courtney Smith

Bonny Southworth

Samantha Johnson

Marissa Petrarca

Lisa Rehm

Kelley Shamblin

Ashley Eckert

Kelley Irvin

Catherine Hamilton

Joan Hilton

Mandy Meeks

Katie Lewis

Michelle Townsend

Heather Mesenbourg

Susan Neidhardt

Kristie Newell

Page Williamson

Joelyn Phillips

Emma Weiland

Shelby Savino