School Uniforms

Ordering School Uniforms is easy when you use a JICS approved vendor. Choose from a vendor below.

JICS Uniform Policy

JICS Student Dress Guidelines

Please follow the Student Dress Guidelines:

  1. Appearance shall be neat, clean, and modest – not drawing attention to self.
  2.  Clothes shall be in good repair and of appropriate size. Excessively tight or baggy clothing is not acceptable.
  3. Visible tattoos (self adhesive included) or body piercings are not acceptable at school day or at school related activities.
  4. Hair shall be neat, clean, and well groomed. Mohawks and dread locks are not acceptable.
  5. Boys: Hair shall be above the top of the collar of a dress shirt, and bangs cut above the eyebrow. Young men should be clean-shaven.
  6. Girls: Hair should not obstruct student’s vision. Hair coloring shall not be dramatically different from natural color. Shaved or partly shaved heads are not acceptable.
  7. Non-JICS outerwear is not to be worn or carried during the school day but must remain in lockers or on hooks (exception: outdoor recess). During cool weather, students may wear a turtleneck of the same color under their JICS polo. If students choose to remove JICS outerwear during the school day, they must remain in JICS dress code (i.e. JICS polo).
  8. Pants worn or pulled down below the hips are not acceptable.
  9. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings to school or school related activities. Girls are not permitted to wear more than two modest earrings in each ear.

Ordering JICS Uniforms

JICS has selected two preferred vendors to help parents approved JICS uniform apparel. Please select a vendor of choice from the below options.

Lands' End School - Uniforms

Read's Uniforms

Land's Inn provides uniforms clothing options for JICS students. Click the link to below to shop and order JICS uniforms online. Click the download button for instructions for ordering online.

* Note, gym uniforms can only be ordered through Land's End.

Read's Uniforms in West Ashley has been serves the JICS community. To order online, hover over the JICS logo. A code will be provided (JICSSC) to shop.

* Note, gym uniforms can only be ordered through Land's End.