Our Approach

Multi-Age Model

Why we're different.

Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, James Island Christian School adopted an intentionally, multi-aged, community model of instruction across our lower school campus.  We are incredibly excited about the future and see the move to this teaching model as a great way to continue strongly in our mission within the 21st century of learning.  

After four years of successfully using the multi-age model, we have seen amazing results from our students who benefit from learning in an
environment where each need is met according to their ability.

As we celebrate being a school for over 23 years, we are also looking ahead to the next chapter of our school's story. Our mission is to partner with parents, disciple children and cultivate an influential generation.  Our method of developing leaders who will influence their generation has been
enhanced by our intentional move to the multi-age model.

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