Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, James Island Christian School adopted an intentionally, multi-aged, community model of instruction across our lower school campus.  We are incredibly excited about the future and see the move to this teaching model as a great way to continue strongly in our mission within the 21st century of learning.  We highly encourage you to take 35 minutes of your time to watch the presentation above.  Our desire is to partner with parents, so we want to give you a thorough look at the multi-age model and why JICS has decided to adopt this model moving into the future.

     While we are celebrating over 23 years here, we are also looking ahead to the next chapter of our school's story.  Our mission is to partner with parents, discipling children, to influence their generation.  Our development of leaders that influence their generation will be enhanced by our intentional move to the multi-age model.  Won't you join us?

Models of Learning Chart
by Victoria Oglan, Ph.D.
University of South Carolina

For questions about the Factory Model vs. the Community Model, email
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