(K5-8th Elementary/Middle School Tuition Information)

K2 - K4 Part Day (Mon. - Fri.) $4,693
K2 - K4 Full Day (Mon. - Fri.)


** JICS offers other family friendly options for Early Education if spaces are available.
Early Education Options Sheet

Multi-Student Discounts:
2 Students - 5% off total tuition
3 Students - 10% off total tuition
4 or more students: 25% off total tuition

Required Fees/Payment Information

Enrollment/Application Fee =
$40.00 per student

All other fees, curriculum, supplies, building, etc are included in the tuition. 

Participation Fees are not included in tuition and are due only upon participation: Jr. Lion Sports, Yearbook, etc.

Tuition payments may be broken into 12 monthly payments. 1st payment due on June 1st and complete on May 1st.


Please contact the JICS Office for enrollment questions at jics@jics.org or contact the school at

Early Education (K2 - K4)
Enrollment Process:

1.) Schedule a meeting with JICS Early Education Principal

2.) Complete JICS Application for Admittance

3.) Head of School review of application upon recommendation of Early Education Principal

4.) On acceptance, an enrollment agreement will be offered for the spot