JICS Honors our Veterans - Veterans Day 2016

We had the privilege of taking a portion of our morning on November 11, 2016, Veterans Day, and honoring those who serve our country and protect our freedoms.  We took advantage of that freedom multiple times this morning as students prayed for veterans overseas, and at home, as well as for the VA Hospital and wounded veterans.  We also were able to join in prayer for the Carolina Veterans Home which is celebrating 30 years of providing a home for homeless veterans here in the Charleston area.  Our classes presented several songs and readings from our founding documents as a country.  A new tradition that began last year continued on as we finished the morning with our students, families and staff standing in honor of those who have served our countries from among their own homes. 

Also, each student contributed to a great piece of artwork using tongue depressors! Of course this was done under the tutelage of Mrs. Cindy Tighe, our JICS Art Director.  Below is a picture of the artwork which will be hanging in the JICS Front Office. 

Additionally, we have uploaded the video presentation honoring those from our families at JICS during 2016-'17.   If you were not able to attend our celebration or would like to pass this on to family members in other locations, you can view the video here: