JICS 2016 Fall Sports Update

Our Middle School Sports Fall season has wrapped up and here is an incredible update!  JICS is very pleased to be able to offer these extra-curricular opportunities!

Coach Craig Premo led the Middle School Girls Volleyball team this season to a record of 4 - 4 and the girls missed the postseason by only one match!  We are excited to see this keep growing and improving!

In both Cross Country and Swimming, JICS competes in the State Championships within SCISA. (The South Carolina Independent School Association) In order to fully appreciate the accomplishments of our students, it is very important to note that the SCISA State Championships in Cross Country and Swimming include all students in 6th grade through 12th grade.  They are considered Varsity Meets.  Consider that when you read the following!

In the SCISA State Swim Championships, once again led by our tireless Coach Jackie Miller and her assistant Meredith Rourk, JICS out performed normal expectations for middle schoolers competing in a Varsity Swim Meet!  Per the rules of the meet, each team is allowed four swimmers per event (one relay in a relay event).  Small but mighty JICS had the smallest number of entries due to the size of our team.  Out of 24 possible entries into events to score points, JICS had only six.   Out of 16 teams competing and with only six individual entries, the JICS Girls Swim team finished 12th out of 16!  Remember, they were competing against their high school counterparts!  One of our 7th graders, Faith Lakemacher, defeated most of her high school competitors by placing 2nd overall of all the swimmers in the 500 Freestyle and 4th overall in the 200 Freestyle!  Meagan White, 6th grade, came in 14th in the 50 Freestyle and 13th in the 100 Backstroke. Lydia English was in the top 20 in the 50 Freestyle at 17th and 13th in the 100 Freestyle. We are so proud of Coach Jackie's little team!

The last Saturday of October saw Coach Jon Lakemacher and assistant Heather Mesenbourg lead the JICS Cross Country teams to compete in the Varsity Level Cross Country State Championships.  Over 500 runners competed for 3 championships that day.  Out of all the 1-A schools and their varsity teams, our JICS Girls Cross Country team came in 4th place! In fact, only ten seconds separated the JICS 4th place finish from the 1st place champion team!  The boys team placed 10th out of all the 1-A boys teams as well!  8 different JICS runners achieved their personal best times during the State Championships, what an effort!  Out of all the varsity runners, Faith Lakemacher finished 4th with a time of 22:36!  Lydia English finished 10th with a time of 24:46 and Meagan White finished 14th and Anikka Pace in 19th.  If your adding, that gave JICS 4 of the top 20 runners in the State Cross Country Girls Championship!  The boys side was packed with high school varsity runners and Zeke Mesenbourg finished 27th, Trey hunt followed at 28th.  A special shout-out to Christian Cromwell who ran his best time ever and a 56th place finish!